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Innovation and quality since 1984

The company was founded in 1984, but its story began much earlier.
Do you believe that the aroma of coffee can influence a man's destiny? Yes!
It is the story of a pioneer who, from an early age, decided to become part of this complex world, a combination of dedication, research, and secret recipes... Coffee, the companion of all those who devote at least one moment of the day to enjoying a cup.
Even better if it is researched and accompanied by a whole range of gastronomic options that enhance its taste and aroma.
Getting back to the protagonist of this adventure, the intrepid pioneer's love for coffee led him on a long and tortuous journey to the birth of the company. He travelled to Brazil, Colombia, Latin America, then returned to Italy having realised his life's dream. ,Bringing with him a wealth of experience that makes TORMOKA a reliable company, a company that has stayed faithful to its original manufacturing processes, which have remained unchanged over time.
"The real mission is to always keep the promise to bring excellent coffee to the tables or counters of cafés ... and that is priceless!"

The excellence of Tormoka coffee
In all these years TORMOKA has promised itself that it would never change.
That it would never compromise because quality, research and a focus on the end user are its key values.
TORMOKA distributes its coffee carefully and directly to distributors who are properly trained on how to make the most of the product.
In recent times, when the market is increasingly aggressive and poor quality coffees are often sold, our mission is to make our partners understand the integrity and commitment we constantly dedicate to every single step of the coffee chain.
Sustainable Evolution

Keeping up with ever higher standards does not mean giving up on quality.
In contrast, TORMOKA has consciously adopted new processing parameters to continue enhancing our product.

We consider our innovation and research department as one of the company's core areas.

This is where the batches of raw coffee to be purchased are selected, along with the most suitable roasting, blending, and grinding methods, and where the finished product is analysed.
Another key area is Marketing, which develops the packaging, distribution, and strategies to be adopted in an increasingly demanding market.
For us, sustainability is not conceptual but fundamental, both from an ethical point of view and as a professional guarantee for the future.
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