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Coffee Roasting TORMOKA
Coffee according to TORMOKA
Full-bodied aromas characterise the taste of our blend.

From the careful and sustainable choice of the raw coffees during the harvest in the countries of origin, to the roasting of the blends, the TORMOKA blend maintains its strong and unmistakable character that has garnered appreciation since its origins.

The taste of TORMOKA is hard to give up TORMOKA

The TORMOKA taste is always instantly recognisable:
a velvety tactile sensation, an immediate sweetness,
a balanced dialogue between acid and bitter, floral, and fruity notes, caramel,
toasted bread, chocolate, hints of almond and honey that combine to form
a sweet sensation.

The Blends:


A rich and intense aroma with hints of spices, flowers, and dried fruit.
The balanced taste denotes a delicate acidity and gentle fruity aromas typical of Arabica with hints of
 liquorice, hazelnut,and flowers.


A blend of excellent coffees with a full-bodied flavour, and notes of cocoa and a fresh, intense aroma.
A persistent body rounds off this blend with excellence.
Passion is suitable for those who enjoy the pleasure of real Italian espresso coffee.
Excellent Robusta beans make it softer and creamier on the palate.


An excellent, well-balanced blend that preserves its rich aroma and strong flavour on the palate with roasted aromas, as well as hazelnut and flowers, a slight acidity, and a full body.

Extrema is ideal for those who want to enjoy the pleasure of a good coffee with a balanced body and a strong taste throughout the day.
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